Machinima Resources for Educators

We surveyed the members of the Machinima Working Group and leadership group of VSTE and found that they wanted:

1) Examples of educators successful using Machinima. Or what are other educators doing?

2) Where do we get started?

So for #1 what we’re going to highlight here  is the work of some of  our  Machinima group members -

Knowclue Kidd. Her wiki has been nominated for a EduBlog award in the best educational use of a video/visual.

What is Machinima?

Knowclue’s Machinima wiki

Machinima What? – Gamer Videos Go to School

Dr. Chareen Snelson

Dr. Snelson’s YouTube channel

Save Princess Dot (branching video)

Snelson, C. (2010). Virtual movie sets and branching video: Developing interactive educational machinima with Second Life and YouTube. Proceedings of the Technology, Colleges, and Community Worldwide Online Conference. Retrieved from

Other examples of machinima in education:

For #2 Where to get started, everyone agreed that this is the place:

Especially if you are considering using Second Life Second Life wiki – Machinima

Other tutorials and resources:

Machinima and storytelling ideas in education:
Most of these are not specifically machinima ideas, but are excellent applications of machinima in the classroom

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