VWBPE Machinima – 2 Weeks to Go

We’re getting down to the last stretch! We have Intro to Machinima – on Friday March 18th from 3 – 5 pm SLT

We have several Machinima invited speakers and submitted proposals – look here for tentative schedule. http://conf.vwbpe.org/index.php/VWBPE/11/schedConf/schedule

What we still need is: Someone to build the actual Machinima award – Roxie Neiro (Social Chair) has a design but we need someone to do it.

Someone to look at schedule and do a write-ups for blogs and twitter about our Machinima sessions. 

Someone who wants to coordinate/emcee our Machinima screening. This will take place on Friday March 18th at 8 pm SLT until we screen our submissions ( 1- 2 hours) This will happen on East 1/2 and we won’t have time between sessions to put anything up so it would have to be as is. Basically need to just screen our Machinima submission only, announce title and author, and then just explain the Machinima voting we’re having and encourage people to attend the closing/awards ceremony.

Let me know if you can help out. Im Kavon Zenovka in Second Life or email quie.jinn@gmail.com



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