Machinima 3/9 Update

Machinima 3/9 Update

Identity Euler just came out with our VWBPE 2011  – please pass it along.

Tanya Smedley (SL) twitter @GridJumper blog Gridjumper’s Blog has agreed to help us tweet and blog!!!!
Take a look at her Machinima blog post at Machinma in Education 
and Sharing Educational Machinima

But we could us all the social media we get so follow us @ Machinimamania and please tweet and blog about the Machinima at the conference.

Spiff Whitfield (SL), the same emcee we had at the great ISTE session, has agreed to emcee our Machinima screening on March 18th at 8 pm SLT.

But here’s what we still need:

Someone to build the actual Machinima award – Roxie Neiro (Social Chair) has a design but we need someone to do it.
Someone who can help us coordinate the Machinima screening.

So if interested please im Kavon Zenovka in Second Life or email



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