Machinima this summer

At ISTE (International Society for Technology Educators), the SIGVE (Special Interest Group Virtual Environments) held their first Machinima Fest with over 40 entries.

Based on that number and the number of entries at VWBPE, there seems to be a trend towards the use of 3D games and virtual worlds screen capture and editing to create movies for education. (For the full story of ISTE Machinima Fest 2011 please go to the SIGVE Wiki.)

The student entires for the ISTE Machinima Fest were fun and fabulous! But, I’d like to especially highlight the Machinima – made by Mr. 5 titled “Mr5s House” – five years old and making Machinima in Minecraft.

Other entries included “WoW in School” student videos, Global Kids’ Mission – Sex Trafficking Video, 3th and 4th grade students producing Egyptian God videos, videos of Lego Universe, the WolfQuest and some serious undergraduate and graduate entries especially from the Kansas to Cairo Project.


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