VWBPE Machinima Call for Proposals

The Virtual Worlds Best Practices Call for Proposals just went out and Machinima was included.

The theme for 2012 is “Be Epic.”

VWBPE Machinima CFP

To encourage the production of machinima and the growth of a community of educators, researchers, and students who produce machinima, VWBPE will be holding a machinima fest and viewing during the 2012 conference. Submission can be made by an individual or group. A panel of educators, researchers, students, and machinima artists will choose a best in each category. Additional awards may be given based on the recommendation of panel. For last year’s winners please go to http://www.vwbpe.org/awards

Machinima produced by educators, researchers, and students will be accepted in the categories listed below.

Machinima Submission Categories

Be Epic!

1-2 min target – 3 min max
Be creative, bold and inspiring! Shorts in this category are based on the conference theme – “Be Epic.”

Virtual World Outreach

1-2 min target – 3 min max
Show us why you are here, your virtual community and place in the Metaverse. Are you in multiple virtual worlds? Show us that too!


3 min target – 4 min max
The perfect three minute machinima. Can you teach something well in three minutes? Show us how you do this.


5 min target – 7 min max
Show us an educational machinima that is currently being used for the F2F, blended or virtual classroom.


2-5 min target – 6 min max
Show us your best! Open to more than Second Life – give us OpenSim, Halo, WoW, Minecraft! We’re ready for it.

Digital Storytelling

2- 5 min target – 6 min max
Do you have a story? We have an audience.

Brave Beginner

1 min target – 2 min max
For first time producers who have never made or uploaded a machinima to YouTube before. So be honest (first-timers only) and be brave!


1-5 min target – 6 min max

Technical Details

Videos should be saved with the high definition resolution of 1280 x 720p and uploaded to YouTube. The video YouTube URL should be included in the submission to http://conf.vwbpe.org.

All submissions should include a credit section at the end of the video. Please provide attribution for public domain and Creative Commons material. Name the author and others who have contributed to the video. Year of production of the machinima film does not matter. Submitted works do not need to be pure (100%) machinima, but should contain be at least 80% machinima.

Non- English language films should be submitted with English sub-titles.

By submitting this video to the conference, I understand I am granting VWBPE a non-exclusive, worldwide, royalty-free right to use, reproduce, capture still images from, display, transmit, stream, and broadcast my submission in association with and during the VWBPE conference from the submission date and thereafter unless otherwise revoked in writing by me.

A submission on http://conf.vwbpe.org/ site must be completed for each film being submitted to the conference. Educators, researchers, and students may submit as many of their own films as they wish.

For questions or comments please email Machinimamania@gmail.com



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