Machinima at the UnSymposium

At the Virtual Worlds Graduate UnSymposium on Friday November 4 and Saturday November 5 SLT

Thursday November 4

815pm Machinima Lesson Model – being sponsored by VWBPE Machinima Working Group

10 am “Live Research Discussion” for VWBPE 2012 Initiative

Live Research – VWBPE will be adding a live research component that would allow IRB (or equivalent) approved surveys, focus groups and other research methods to take place during the conference. This session will discuss how to build this initiative.

11 am Primer for Game Design

1130 am Crowdsourcing a Games Event for VWBPE

Last year VWBPE did a Machinima event and an interactive poster competition. This year VWBPE’s program committee wants to see about adding a games event to showcase games designed by students and educators.  So this will be a crowd-sourcing, brainstorming type of talk.

We are planning on discussing adding a Machinima component to demonstrate the game entry.

 Overall information on the UnSymposium

Virtual Worlds Graduate UnSymposium 2011:
Games, Play and Community

Friday and Saturday, November 4-5, 2011.

The Theme for 2011 is Games, Play and Community. This is a fully online, free conference.

The Virtual Worlds Graduate UnSymposium is a community building event that provides opportunities for graduate students, alumni and educators to share current practices, network with colleagues, and explore opportunities for professional development, enhancing research, teaching and learning.

Second Life on the CAVE sim


Session Descriptions


If you have any questions or comments – please email

twitter @vwgus

twitter  Machinima working group @machinimania


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