VWBPE Machinima CFP

Due February 15, 2012

Looking for Machinima in the Following categories:

Machinima Submission Categories

Be Epic!

1-2 min target – 3 min max
Be creative, bold and inspiring! Shorts in this category are based on the conference theme – “Be Epic.”

Virtual World Outreach

1-2 min target – 3 min max
Show us why you are here, your virtual community and place in the Metaverse. Are you in multiple virtual worlds? Show us that too!


3 min target – 4 min max
The perfect three minute machinima. Can you teach something well in three minutes? Show us how you do this.


5 min target – 7 min max
Show us an educational machinima that is currently being used for the F2F, blended or virtual classroom.


2-5 min target – 6 min max
Show us your best! Open to more than Second Life – give us OpenSim, Halo, WoW, Minecraft! We’re ready for it.

Digital Storytelling

2- 5 min target – 6 min max
Do you have a story? We have an audience.

Brave Beginner

1 min target – 2 min max
For first time producers who have never made or uploaded a machinima to YouTube before. So be honest (first-timers only) and be brave!


1-5 min target – 6 min max

For more information go to http://www.vwbpe.org/calls/machinima


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