Machinima Star

Machinima Video for ISTE and ISTE SIGVE at Machinima Online Open Course or MOOC

“I Wanna be a Machinima Star”

At P2P U, the Virtual World MOOCers  are doing a parody of a parody.
Based on “Tech Star” video they are making “I Wanna Be a Machinima Star”

There are four different ways of participating if you are interested:

1) Send a 30 second video clip of your avatar or a group of avatars singing ( lips moving)

2) Help us crowdsource rewriting of  the lyrics at

3)  Do the Machinima MOOC with us as everyone learns more about Machinima and produce one or more versions of this video

4) Help do the outreach that will (hopefully) propel this video viral at ISTE 2012 conference and beyond.


Bluebarker Lowtide at the Premiere


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