Machinima Online Open Course

Machinima Open Online Course

To get ready for the SIGVE EduMachinima Fest on June 26th that will be held simultaneously in Second Life and in San Diego, we’re doing a Machinima Open Course! The Machinima Open Online Course will run from June 4- June 18th.

This course is designed for anyone who wants to learn more about Machinima production in virtual worlds and video games. But, it’s special focus is Machinima in education. That is Machinima by students, educators and the community. To give this course a concrete objective – it is focusing on the SIGVE EduMachinima Fest. So the course will be working on a group Machinima for the Fest, give people the opportunity to make their own Machinima, discuss Machinima in education and work on how one can use Machinima in educational outreach. This is an open course – so anyone can participate at whatever level they want. Lurkers are always welcome.  The asynchronous part of the course is at P2PU and the synchronous portion will be in Second Life, OpenSim and other virtual worlds and video games. To sign –up please go to P2PU

We are also starting to take SIGVE EduMachinima submissions  at
If you would like more information please im Kavon Zenovka in Second Life or email


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