5th Annual EduMachinia Fest 2014

ImageStudents and Teachers can once again enter the EduMachinima Fest in a number of categories and share a digital story, instruct, or show off some machinima techniques.  This year’s fest has a few new categories including “Best channel”, “Livestream”, and “6 seconds and gone”.   Along with the returning categories, there is plenty of opportunity for fun and even some serious moviemaking.

Submissions are due June 22 and the Fest will be held live in Atlanta on June 29th at 6:45 PM.  Access the submission form here 2014 EduMachinima Fest Submission Form


This year’s Fest is sponsored by two ISTE Networks; the Virtual Environment’s Network and the Games and Simulations Network.  Categories for entries are:

Timed Shorts

6 Seconds (Vine) and Gone

60 Seconds and Gone

60 Second – 3 Minute Metagame

No Time Limit

Digital Storytelling

Digital Sandbox/Building

Let’s Play / Tutorial

Curriculum or Content Area

Google Hangout Livestream

Mixed Media

Judge’s Awards

Best Overall

Best Special Effects

Best Editing

Best Sound

Best Machinmatography

ISTE Conference Clips – Mobile collaboration


Channel ( YouTube, TwitchTV, Vimeo, etc.)


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