This is blog is a work in progress for developing the Machinimamania event and Machinima stream for the Virtual World Best Practices in Education conference. www.vwbpe.org

It was developed as a project for a Social Networking course at Boise State University.

1.  Title: Machinima for Educators

2.  Purpose: Establish a informal learning community that will assist educators in producing and submitting Machinima for the Virtual Worlds Best Practice in Education (VWBPE) conference.

3.  Intended Audience: All educators using virtual worlds who are producing or want to produce educational Machinima prior to January 30, 2011.

4. Real-life Need:  For me it helps create a peer group of educators with whom I can collaborate. For others, it provides them a peer group of educators with whom they can collaborate.

5. Type of Project: This project will help create the Call for Proposals for the first Machinima event at a VWBPE conference. Additionally it will set up a WordPress site with resources and schedule discussions and workshops to prepare the group for submitting a Machinima.

6. Learning Objectives: Participating educators will learn where to find resources, filming and editing techniques and have their Machinima critiqued by their peers.

7. Higher-order thinking skills, critical skills or creativity in your audience: Participating educators will have started the process of creating an educational Machinima and will have learned how to critique an educational Machinima.

8. Deliverables or Final Product: By the end of the class a WordPress Machinima resource site will be developed, a schedule of events will be planned and one event in Second Life will have taken place.


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