Be Epic! Make a Machinima – Be an Informed Digital Citizen

The EduMachinima Fest is at VWBPE 2012 will be participating in this year’s theme “Be Epic!” So of course, there is a “Be Epic!” Machinima category. But there are many different categories available to include the all encompassing “Other.” The full list is located at

The Edumachinima Fest encourages Machimima developed in all 3D immersive environment – Second Life, Open Sim grids, World of Warcraft, Minecraft, Club Penguin – wherever you are.

We also would like to encourage you do consider submitting a Machinima related session. The basic – Intro to Machinima was very well received last year. So conference participants span a range from consumer – to “brave beginner” to Machinima artist. Also in light of SOPA/PIPA in the United States and similar regulation elsewhere, we would want to encourage discussion sessions on content and media creation that could take place during VWBPE.

The EduMachinima Fest will be held during the VWBPE conference on Friday March 16 from 8 pm – 11 pm SLT. We will try to show as many videos as possible during that time. Our purpose in holding this fest is to celebrate what has been created and also provide an avenue for educators to view Machinima. We hope to encourage the creation of more Machinima by educators, students and the community. We also hope to help our students and educators be informed active digital citizens.

If you have any questions or have any ideas on Machinima or digital rights related sessions, please contact SL
Kavon Zenovka or email


VWBPE 2012 Call for Proposals – Reopens Jan 15 – Feb 15

Based on community request, the Virtual Worlds Best Practices in Education (VWBPE) is reopening the call for proposals.
CFP animoto

The Virtual Worlds Best Practices in Education is a grass-roots community conference; it is YOUR conference, and your chance to share your experiences with the rest of your community. We have already received some excellent submissions but we would like more!

The Call for Proposals (papers, workshops, games, Machinima and posters) has been extended to midnight 15th February, 2012.  All that’s required is a 50 – 100 word abstract (full papers  required for research stream) that indicates how your work illustrates best practices in education.

Describes how your work might be applied to a particular or multiple sectors of education, i.e. K-12, large universities, community colleges, adult education, etc. Tell us how you learn and teach. Tell us your stories of what works well and what can be done better. Where does learning happen for you?  Who do you teach? How to you engage learners? Why is learning within the virtual important to you? What is the key learning you want to share with others?

We do want to especially encourage submissions for the Machinima Fest ,
Poster Event and
the Games and Simulation Event
Other topics that this year are encouraged for submission include:

Open Sim projects
Augmented Reality

The VWBPE is a free conference, organized and run by volunteers from K-12, colleges and universities from around the world.  While most activities will happen in Second Life, presentations and field trips can be scheduled for other parts of the metaverse – contact Kavon and her team at for more information.

VWBPE Machinima CFP

Due February 15, 2012

Looking for Machinima in the Following categories:

Machinima Submission Categories

Be Epic!

1-2 min target – 3 min max
Be creative, bold and inspiring! Shorts in this category are based on the conference theme – “Be Epic.”

Virtual World Outreach

1-2 min target – 3 min max
Show us why you are here, your virtual community and place in the Metaverse. Are you in multiple virtual worlds? Show us that too!


3 min target – 4 min max
The perfect three minute machinima. Can you teach something well in three minutes? Show us how you do this.


5 min target – 7 min max
Show us an educational machinima that is currently being used for the F2F, blended or virtual classroom.


2-5 min target – 6 min max
Show us your best! Open to more than Second Life – give us OpenSim, Halo, WoW, Minecraft! We’re ready for it.

Digital Storytelling

2- 5 min target – 6 min max
Do you have a story? We have an audience.

Brave Beginner

1 min target – 2 min max
For first time producers who have never made or uploaded a machinima to YouTube before. So be honest (first-timers only) and be brave!


1-5 min target – 6 min max

For more information go to

Call for Machinima Articles

Submit your articles about creating or using Machinima!

From the editor:

Virtual Education Journal

VEJ – Issue 3, Deadline November 20th.

Help us get the message out to people about the important educational work that is going on in virtual environments! As many of us talked about last weekend at the VW Unsymposium, now is the time for Trailblazers to help bring in the pioneers and settlers – we need to educate teachers/professors and administrators about the powerful learning that is happening in virtual worlds and most importantly, what is in it (virtual environments) for them (e.g., fun, friends, networking, learning).

We would love to get the third issue of VEJ out by December 1st, but we need your help!

Please send article of approximately 500 – 1000 words (and pictures if you have them) to me by November 20th. The article should be a word file, 14 point New Times Roman. You can format it – or I will format it. You can put the pictures where you want them – or just send them separtely and I will put them where they fit in the pages – png is prefered, but you can send jpg.

Send the articles to:

We would love to have educational articles from around the world about what you are doing in sl and other virtual worlds. This issue will highlight the VW Graduate Student Unsymposium, so if you were there and have pictures or thoughts, please send those as well.

We hope you will take the time to write a short article and/or send pictures with captions about what you are doing,
because after all, VEJ is only as good as we all make it!

We look forward to your articles and any suggestions you have to make VEJ even better!

Thanks and Keep smiling 🙂
Roxie Vojtek
Education Journal

VEJ – Issue 3, Deadline November 20th.

Machinima at the UnSymposium

At the Virtual Worlds Graduate UnSymposium on Friday November 4 and Saturday November 5 SLT

Thursday November 4

815pm Machinima Lesson Model – being sponsored by VWBPE Machinima Working Group

10 am “Live Research Discussion” for VWBPE 2012 Initiative

Live Research – VWBPE will be adding a live research component that would allow IRB (or equivalent) approved surveys, focus groups and other research methods to take place during the conference. This session will discuss how to build this initiative.

11 am Primer for Game Design

1130 am Crowdsourcing a Games Event for VWBPE

Last year VWBPE did a Machinima event and an interactive poster competition. This year VWBPE’s program committee wants to see about adding a games event to showcase games designed by students and educators.  So this will be a crowd-sourcing, brainstorming type of talk.

We are planning on discussing adding a Machinima component to demonstrate the game entry.

 Overall information on the UnSymposium

Virtual Worlds Graduate UnSymposium 2011:
Games, Play and Community

Friday and Saturday, November 4-5, 2011.

The Theme for 2011 is Games, Play and Community. This is a fully online, free conference.

The Virtual Worlds Graduate UnSymposium is a community building event that provides opportunities for graduate students, alumni and educators to share current practices, network with colleagues, and explore opportunities for professional development, enhancing research, teaching and learning.

Second Life on the CAVE sim


Session Descriptions


If you have any questions or comments – please email

twitter @vwgus

twitter  Machinima working group @machinimania

Machinima at Virtual Worlds Graduate UnSymposium

Some of us in the Machinima Working Group are involved in the Virtual Worlds Unsymposium 

Has everyone read this article ?

YouTube, Machinima and the Content Revolution 
It’s saying what we know but…. we need to continue learning, creating, showcasing and discussing.
Machinima is the outreach and product that we do in games and virtual worlds. We are planning on continuing our discussion at VWGUS.

Would you like to do a Machinima session – please submit through the peer process – here’s the CFP due on October 15, 2011.

Or if you would like to register please go to

twitter @vwgus