Events and Important Dates

Feb 13

VWBPE Machinima Working Group will be meeting at 10 am SLT Sunday, February 13 on the VWBPE portal

Jan 23

VWBPE Machinima Working Group meeting will be Sunday,  January 23rd at 11 am SLT on Front Range.

Dec 12

Fun Machinima opportunity – Jokaydians and  World of Teachcraft  animoto  will be meeting up at 2 pm PST on the US server on the Sisters of Elune realm to make goblins.

For inspiration take a look at this video. We Didn’t Start the Fire ( World of Warcraft)

Dec 14

You have until Noon EST to vote for the EduBlog awards. One of our working group members is a nominee. KnowClue Kidd has been nominated for Best Educational Use of a Video/Visual.

Dec 15

The ARVEL SIG – Applied Research in Virtual Environments for Learning is having a Screenr challenge for the month of December. Go to which is a easy way to screencapture your desktop for 5 minutes and make a video of what you’re doing in virtual worlds. Then tweet with the hashtag #arveldec and post the link to

On December 15th, they’ll watch the links in Second Life at the ARVEL SIG CAVE

Dec 18

The meeting for the Machinima Working Group  will be at 10 am SLT on Sat Dec 18th at Front Range.

Jan 15 – Feb 15  Machinima workshops TBD

Jan 31 

 Traditional presentations and workshop for Machinima in education call for proposals due.  Presentation Time: Not to exceed 110 minutes including Q & A.

Feb 15

Machinima due for VWBPE.
For more information about the submission requirements go to

Mar 19

Machinimamania at VWBPE.


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