How to Participate

This blog and the Machinima Working Group for VWBPE hopefully allows you to participate or engage  in this learning network at whatever level is best for you. Please consider this part of your personal learning network( PLN). While we don’t think it will necessarily replace professional development (link to Counter point by Rurik Nackerud), you may not have a peer group of machinimatographers located at your school, district, college or university with whom you can collaborate.

We’re basing the ways you can participate on “social network engagement level” (Dawley, 2009). So this divides up engagement into 5 levels: identify networks, lurk, contribute, create and lead.

We’ve outlined some activities at each level that would allow you participate in the Machinima Working Group.

1) Identify Networks

Just looking to find out more about machinima? Or find out what educators are interested in machinima?

Take a look at our social media networks located here. Follow them and also look up who we are following. We may have done some of the legwork for you. Review our followers and see if they are appropriate to your goals for your PLN.

2) Lurk

Lurking is learning – it’s usually the first step. Follow us on twitter. We are likely to have between 2-3 tweets that relate to education and machinima. Some days we’ll just be tweeting about well done or fun machinima. We hope to do new blog posting twice a week.

3) Contribute

We have a comments area on each page and post – please give comments. We also have upcoming events that are listed here. Please come to our meetings!

4) Create

We’re making a machinima for the machinima stream call for proposals on December 18th – please come and help act, take screenshots and in general participate in the creation of the machinima. If you would like to help us with our twice weekly blogging – please let us know and we’ll give you writer access. Plan to submit to VWBPE in one of the categories.

5) Lead

The Machinima Working Group is a collaborative effort, but we need leaders – new ideas, people willing to suggest and try to increase the knowledge base, and especially people who have experience making Machinima who are willing to share.

 Dawley,L. (2009) “Social network knowledge construction: emerging virtual world pedagogy”, On the Horizon, Vol. 17 Iss: 2, pp.109 – 121

Merrick, S and Nackerud, R. (2010) Point/Counterpoint: Can your PLN replace Traditional PD,  Learning & Leading with Technology, Dec/Jan 2010/11, p 6.


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