Machinima Resources for Educators

We surveyed the members of the Machinima Working Group and leadership group of VSTE and found that they wanted:

1) Examples of educators successful using Machinima. Or what are other educators doing?

2) Where do we get started?

So for #1 what we’re going to highlight here  is the work of some of  our  Machinima group members –

Knowclue Kidd. Her wiki has been nominated for a EduBlog award in the best educational use of a video/visual.

What is Machinima?

Knowclue’s Machinima wiki

Machinima What? – Gamer Videos Go to School

Dr. Chareen Snelson

Dr. Snelson’s YouTube channel

Save Princess Dot (branching video)

Snelson, C. (2010). Virtual movie sets and branching video: Developing interactive educational machinima with Second Life and YouTube. Proceedings of the Technology, Colleges, and Community Worldwide Online Conference. Retrieved from

Other examples of machinima in education:

  • Dr. Kleiner’s Adventures in Science: Episode 1 (Half-Life 2 Machinima) – Example of machinima science video using Half Life 2
  • Sistine chapel – SMART history – Not just a tour of the Sistine Chapel, but interesting stories about the history of its being painted. Good example of storytelling, even if you’re not an art fan
  • Taining video on the use and care of their Temporal Scanning Thermometer
  • Diving Into The Virtual Worlds Story Project – The Virtual Worlds Story Project (TVWSP) demonstrates Second Life’s ability to be more than a technology platform
  • Global Kids’ Race to Equality – a Second Life Machinima that exposes how racism relates to equal access to education
  • Silver Bells and Golden Spurs – A movie made in Second Life
  • Sloodle For Social Studies – This is an introduction to the Sloodle Project for Social Studies course for educators
  • SL Shakespeare Company, Hamlet Act 1 Scene 1 – This is a storyboard for a machinima movie of the play Hamlet, Act 1 Scene 1
  • The Many Faces of Machinima – A presentation made to explain the usages of machinima in education
  • Tibetan Cube Tutorial – Learn how to use the new and improved Cube from Wamlabs. Begin learning the Tibetan language in Second Life
  • Making Machinima: Curriculum Resources – Ideas for integrating machinima into the curriculum

For #2 Where to get started, everyone agreed that this is the place:

Especially if you are considering using Second Life Second Life wiki – Machinima

Other tutorials and resources:

  • Storytelling & Scriptwriting for Machinima presentation(PDF – 295kb – new window)
  • The 7-Step Film Directing Formula – not specifically machinima, but a great article about visual storytelling
  • Creating machinima – Interview with Paul Marino, Director of the Machinima Film Festival, Executive Director of the Academy of Machinima Arts and Sciences, and the author of Art of Machinima: 3D based Filmmaking
  • Digital Mise en Scène: Machinima production in Second Life – Digital Mise en Scene is an online resource for Moving-Image Makers, dedicated to exploring the conventions of Visual Language in Storytelling, through using Second Life

Machinima and storytelling ideas in education:
Most of these are not specifically machinima ideas, but are excellent applications of machinima in the classroom

  • Ideas for Digital Storytelling Across the Curriculum – initial brainstorm of various digital storytelling topics
  • Storytelling Across the Curriculum – Language arts seems a likely home for the art of storytelling; however, storytelling techniques and process can support exploration in many other curriculum areas
  • Storytelling and Math – Choose Your Own Math Adventure story
  • Storytelling in math – This blog will follow one teacher’s quest to Make Learning Interesting
  • Storytelling and math link – Math and storytelling may seem like very different abilities, but a new study by University of Waterloo scientist Daniela O’Neill suggests that preschool children’s early storytelling abilities are predictive of their mathematical ability two years later

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