SIGVE 2012 EduMachinima Fest

Please consider contributing to the 2nd Annual SIVGE Machinima Fest!

This year’s categories are below:

Student – Pre-K – 6th grade
Student – 7 – 12th grade
Student – College

In addition to awards for those categories, we will have a People’s Choice Awards.

We will have our panel of community judges who will give awards for:
Best Sound
Best Special Effects
Best Editing
Best Machinimatography

Videos should be saved with the high definition resolution of 1280 x 720p and uploaded to YouTube. All submissions should include a credit section at the end of the video. Please provide attribution for public domain and Creative Commons material. Name the author and others who have contributed to the video. Year of production of the machinima film does not matter. Submitted works do not need to be pure (100%) machinima, but should contain be at least 80% Machinima.

Please submit the url to your video here. by June 20, 2012.


Machinima Star

Machinima Video for ISTE and ISTE SIGVE at Machinima Online Open Course or MOOC

“I Wanna be a Machinima Star”

At P2P U, the Virtual World MOOCers  are doing a parody of a parody.
Based on “Tech Star” video they are making “I Wanna Be a Machinima Star”

There are four different ways of participating if you are interested:

1) Send a 30 second video clip of your avatar or a group of avatars singing ( lips moving)

2) Help us crowdsource rewriting of  the lyrics at

3)  Do the Machinima MOOC with us as everyone learns more about Machinima and produce one or more versions of this video

4) Help do the outreach that will (hopefully) propel this video viral at ISTE 2012 conference and beyond.


Bluebarker Lowtide at the Premiere

Machinima Week – Week 2 at VWMOOC

A Virtual Worlds, Games and Education Tour

Four week course giving partipants a weekly tour of one topic in virtual worlds, games and emerging technology and their possible uses in education.

We are currently in Week 2 – Machinima.
This week is facilitated by SL: Tanya Smedley aka Gridjumper

This 4 week course gives participants a weekly tour on 1 topic covered at VWBPE 2012 or the Virtual Worlds Unsymposium

Course starts with virtual world field trips to educational sims in Second Life. Week 2 introduces Machinima and its educational uses. Week 3 is an adventure in the MMORPG World of Warcraft with an educators’ guild. Week 4 wraps up the tours on the Bleeding Edge with emerging tech and education that includes augmented reality, ARGs, Minecraft and EveOnline.

Virtual Outworlding & Machinima

If you don’t know who Thinkerer Melville is in Second Life – look him up! His profile in Second Life is kind of modest. If you subscribe to the connectivist theory of learning he is hub that you want as part of your network.  He has been graciously posting about Machinima from VWBPE and ISTE SIGVE for the last year.

And now he’s compiled quite a bit more on Machinima – so take a look at Thinkerer Melville (Selby Evan) excellent list of Machinima resources for Second Life. His blog is Virtual Outworlding and he tweets @ selbyevans

Be Epic! Make a Machinima – Be an Informed Digital Citizen

The EduMachinima Fest is at VWBPE 2012 will be participating in this year’s theme “Be Epic!” So of course, there is a “Be Epic!” Machinima category. But there are many different categories available to include the all encompassing “Other.” The full list is located at

The Edumachinima Fest encourages Machimima developed in all 3D immersive environment – Second Life, Open Sim grids, World of Warcraft, Minecraft, Club Penguin – wherever you are.

We also would like to encourage you do consider submitting a Machinima related session. The basic – Intro to Machinima was very well received last year. So conference participants span a range from consumer – to “brave beginner” to Machinima artist. Also in light of SOPA/PIPA in the United States and similar regulation elsewhere, we would want to encourage discussion sessions on content and media creation that could take place during VWBPE.

The EduMachinima Fest will be held during the VWBPE conference on Friday March 16 from 8 pm – 11 pm SLT. We will try to show as many videos as possible during that time. Our purpose in holding this fest is to celebrate what has been created and also provide an avenue for educators to view Machinima. We hope to encourage the creation of more Machinima by educators, students and the community. We also hope to help our students and educators be informed active digital citizens.

If you have any questions or have any ideas on Machinima or digital rights related sessions, please contact SL
Kavon Zenovka or email

VWBPE 2012 Call for Proposals – Reopens Jan 15 – Feb 15

Based on community request, the Virtual Worlds Best Practices in Education (VWBPE) is reopening the call for proposals.
CFP animoto

The Virtual Worlds Best Practices in Education is a grass-roots community conference; it is YOUR conference, and your chance to share your experiences with the rest of your community. We have already received some excellent submissions but we would like more!

The Call for Proposals (papers, workshops, games, Machinima and posters) has been extended to midnight 15th February, 2012.  All that’s required is a 50 – 100 word abstract (full papers  required for research stream) that indicates how your work illustrates best practices in education.

Describes how your work might be applied to a particular or multiple sectors of education, i.e. K-12, large universities, community colleges, adult education, etc. Tell us how you learn and teach. Tell us your stories of what works well and what can be done better. Where does learning happen for you?  Who do you teach? How to you engage learners? Why is learning within the virtual important to you? What is the key learning you want to share with others?

We do want to especially encourage submissions for the Machinima Fest ,
Poster Event and
the Games and Simulation Event
Other topics that this year are encouraged for submission include:

Open Sim projects
Augmented Reality

The VWBPE is a free conference, organized and run by volunteers from K-12, colleges and universities from around the world.  While most activities will happen in Second Life, presentations and field trips can be scheduled for other parts of the metaverse – contact Kavon and her team at for more information.