VWBPE – “Not Your Grandma’s Poster” Contest


1) Best Example of Educational Practices in a Virtual World

2) Best Interactive Display

3) Best Use of  “Be Epic!” theme

Polling booths will be located around the poster area to allow conference-goers to vote up until 9 am on Saturday, March 17. You may also cast your ballot by going here.

On the voting ballot – there will be a fourth category – “People’s Choice” which will allow conference-goers to select any of the posters. The results will be announced during the closing ceremony.

Here is the information about the judges and the criteria used.


The nominating judges

Pancha Enzyme (Marshall Dozier outside SL, Medical Librarian and tutor on the MSc E-Learning, Edinburgh University, Scotland)

Ridvan Researcher (Ridvan Ata outside SL, PhD candidate, investigating teaching in SL, studying at Sheffield University, England)

Sheila Yoshikawa (Sheila Webber outside SL, faculty member in the Information School, University of Sheffield, England)

The Poster criteria

Best Interactive Exhibit criteria

1. Type of interactivity. (We noted what type of interactivity was present, looking for something more than getting information or objects on click.)

2. Amount of interactivity

3. Does the interactive material work? (This means literally functions or not.)

4. Is the interaction relevant to the poster?

5. Is it enjoyable?

6. Accessibility and navigation

Best Use of EPIC Conference Theme criteria

(n.b. we referred to the online material including VWMOOT to guide what we considered “EPIC”)

1. Is it inspiring?

2. Does it give you a transformative learning experience?

3. EPICness: Content

4. EPICness: Presentation

5 Is it enjoyable?

6. Ease of use, accessibility, navigation and orientation


Best Example of Educational Practices in a Virtual World criteria

1. To what extent does the exhibit gives insight into specific educational practices?

2. Quality and comprehensiveness of content.

3. Ease of use, accessibility, navigation and orientation

4. Attractiveness of design and quality of craftsmanship

5. Appropriateness of content for intended purpose

6. Value added through multimedia/3D



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